Designing for Rural Healthcare Clients

By Kaye Mullaney

Senior Project Manager

By Genevieve Rogers


Designing a space for a rural healthcare provider can present a very different set of concerns and priorities from designing a similar program for a hospital in an urban setting. Even the...

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Discussing the Roots of a Strong Design-Build Partnership

By Katie Vander Putten

Director of Healthcare

By Mark Bokhoven

Director of Preconstruction, Pinkard Construction

Over the past three years, MOA has teamed with Pinkard Construction on two design-build projects for STRIDE Community Health Center, a community-based healthcare provider in the Denver metro area. The projects included...

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Maximizing Living in Tiny Spaces

By Chas Marquez

Associate Designer

The MOX team, a collaborative group of MOA teammates dedicated to expanding the firm’s knowledge through exploration and experimentation, received an Honorable Mention in the “Nano Nest – Maximizing living in tiny spaces” design...

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Designing Montessori Kindergarten Classrooms

By Torrey Sims

Business Development Manager, Vanir Construction Management

By Kevin Sullivan

Director of PK-12

Great Work Montessori School (GWMS) stands out at the end of its Lakewood, Colo. block, yet with its subtle landscaping and nature-inspired play equipment it also simultaneously blends into its natural environment...

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School Security through Architectural Design

By Jack Mousseau


By Bret Kudlicki

Senior Associate

As tragic as it is, school shootings have become part of our modern world. Most everyone remembers the nightmarish events that took place at Columbine High School in Colorado and Sandy Hook...

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The Benefits of Pursuing WELL Certification

By Chris Schilling


The leading building certifications for “wellness,” the WELL Building Standard explores improving occupant wellness through better buildings. In recent years, the WELL Building Standard has made inroads into Colorado, with roughly 30...

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Designing in Service of the Hospice Support Structure

By Kasia Bulkowski

Senior Associate

MOA recently had the opportunity to expand up on one of our most celebrated projects, The Denver Hospice’s Lowry Care Center. The Amy Davis Hospice Support Center provides The Denver Hospice, the...

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