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MOA Announces Round of New Hires

MOA new hires in July 2021

MOA is excited to announce that three new staff members have joined our team: Stephanie Lesar, Austin Hodges, and Ben Miller.

Stephanie Lesar joins MOA as the firm’s new Office Manager of the Denver office. She has several years of experience in office management, including coordination of accounting, human resources, and general office oversight.

Austin Hodges joins MOA as a Project Architect with five years of experience, including a focus PK-12 projects. A graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, he is also an experienced photographer.

Ben Miller joins MOA as a Project Architect with other a dozen years of experience, along with experience in customer service, management, and sales. His experience encompasses healthcare, science + technology, government, and commercial projects. Ben is also an accomplished carpenter, with experience in a variety of framing and building systems.