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A 40-Year Legacy—Just A Beginning

A Message from MOA Leadership on the firm’s 40th Anniversary

Our longevity as a firm is a testament to the guidance and vision of past and current leadership, the strength and talents of our people, our commitment to sustainable growth, and our ability to continue to evolve with the ever-changing world we live in.

Since our start in 1981, our purpose as a firm has grown and evolved into a bigger idea that spans generations. We are driven to achieve a greater purpose—our vision to Deliver the Promise and Value of Great Design so that we can make a difference in people’s lives, our community, and our world.

This vision represents an ongoing journey for MOA and, after four decades, we are right where we should be. We know we have much further to go and much more to accomplish. We have made great strides in our journey to achieve our vision, accomplished many great things along the way, and are extremely proud of our teammates who have committed their hearts, minds, and talent to this noble cause.

We know that from our most seasoned leaders to our newest hires, our teammates are our greatest asset. Their talents, diverse experience, and capabilities are important to our success, and their collective passion continues to drive MOA to become better tomorrow than we are today. Through the years, the firm has attracted a dedicated and skilled group of architects, interior designers, planners, marketers, technologists, and administrative staff. It is impossible to celebrate MOA’s four decades without also celebrating the hundreds of people who have been part of the team. A heartfelt “Thank You” is extended to all!

However, we do not focus only on our past—we are always looking forward in our effort to deliver the promise and value of great design. Our legacy is less about what we have done, and more about what we have begun.

MOA has the expressed desire to see the firm continue and evolve with the transition of future generations of leadership and ownership who will continue our journey to achieve our vision. To do this, we must have sustainable growth. We believe in sustainable and quality growth and we watch for our natural optimization. We execute and measure our growth in the ways that best support our mission and vision. We want to increase our quality of design, our service, our responsiveness, our effectiveness, our capacity to improve, our reputation, our relevance, our legacy. We do not want to diminish our services or quality, or increase our waste, our unfulfilled commitments, or our stress levels.

In the past 40 years—as a country, an industry and as a firm—we have endured and overcome many challenges, including five recessions, the 9/11 attack on our homeland, social and political turmoil, and, most recently, a world-wide pandemic. As business leaders, we are proud of our efforts to navigate through uncertainty, appropriately modifying and adjusting our course during this journey, but never losing focus on our destination.

Driven by our Legacy Plan, we know that current leadership will transition seamlessly to next generation after generation of leaders to take us ever closer to our destination—our great vision. Our first 40 years is only the beginning.

Barry Koury, Jack Mousseau, Brian Konczak, Eric Vogel, Jessica Blanford, Katie Vander Putten, and Brandon Daigle