Our Vision

To meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients, our community, and our world, MOA will deliver the promise and value of great design.

The ability to make a difference through great design is not a product—it’s a process and outcome rooted in meaningful collaboration across an entire project team. We celebrate this aspect of our work through a close, collaborative relationship with every one of our clients. Whether working with a developer or a group of high school students, we know that the best work comes out of our clients’ insight and ideas.

The promise of great design lies in possibility. Our process embraces the opportunity to envision the future with and for the client — then to deliver on that vision. We seek to explore possible futures by listening to each other, discovering new perspectives, and dreaming of what could be.

Woodward Drake Campus Main Street
MOA Architect Working

However, delivering great design is about more than ideas—it’s also about execution. We approach the technical aspects of our work with an attention to detail and a consummate professionalism that has earned us the respect and admiration of our business partners.

Great design can have a truly inspirational and transformative power. A new building or space can have tremendous impact: enhance quality of life, reshape the perception of a business, improve educational or healthcare outcomes, raise productivity and efficiency, and make the best use of valuable resources. We design and deliver buildings and spaces with the goal of bringing this promise and value of great design into reality.


We are always looking to strengthen our team with talented architects, interior designers, managers, marketers, technologists, and administrative staff.